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How We Work

We not only search National mortgage lenders, we shop the locals as well. Helping you get the best rate possible!

Loan Application

**We will require further details such as your social security number, we will collect these details over the phone or in person.

Lifetime Home Loans Mission

We’ve been helping customers afford the home of their dreams for many years and we love what we do.

At Lifetime Home Loans™ our mission is to greatly simplify the application, pre-approval and shopping phase of the housing finance process. Core to our value and services is to ensure that every client receives a competitive bid from multiple local and top-ranked mortgage and personal finance professionals. With Lifetime Home Loans™ advanced technology and world class real-estate-finance team, we have developed a proactive approach to the lending phase of your home buying experience – making it easier and more organized for all of the parties within the transaction to work together in a cohesive and elegant experience. The home buying experience should be fun, exciting, predictable and seamless – meeting all of your home buying finance and ancillary needs. To some this goal may seem like magic. To all of us at Lifetime Home Loans™, it’s just another day at the office. We’re excited for the opportunity to helping you make fond memories of the home buying experience.